Work Culture

Work Culture

At gea, we're committed to building a dynamic organization full of individuals who share our passion for finding opportunities and creating results for our stakeholders. We seek intelligent, analytical, energetic people ready to look at problems in new ways. We seek team players of diverse backgrounds and intense curiosity. We seek people who can both listen and articulate fresh perspectives.

We are not looking for "typical" employees, but for sharp, highly-skilled self-starters, who take ownership of projects, wear many hats, work long hours, play well with the team, and juggle many projects in a hectic informal environment with limited resources.

Having stated that, it is our objective that everyone at gea develops a challenging career with ample opportunities for growth, competitive rewards and a balance between work and personal life. A very aggressive incentives scheme and 'Ownership Program' ensures that 'Little Extra' that distinguishes the best from the rest.

During your career at gea, you will enjoy innumerable opportunities to learn, grow and demonstrate your abilities. You will dissect complex problems and craft creative solutions. You will work side by side with influential clients and thought leaders. There is no single, preordained career path at gea. We value flexibility and the chance to explore-both personally and professionally.

Our work is high impact and high stakes, but the atmosphere at gea is noticeably friendly and congenial. We value teamwork and mutual respect. And we see no conflict whatsoever between doing great work and having fun.








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